The Challenge
Improve the wayfinding system and the quality of the pre-show experience.

The Outcome
A unified customer experience that delivers information to moviegoers at key decision points in their journey, from the moment they buy the ticket to when the movie begins.
Duration: 7 weeks
Role: Design Research, Service Design, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Video Production
Collaborators: Mia Ibañez Risso, Rachel Balma, Xiaoxi Yuan
Advisors: Jill Nussbaum, Instagram

The Brief

BAM Rose Cinemas will be opening three new movie theaters at a new building, BAM Karen. The client wanted our help defining the visitor experience in one or more of the following areas: finding the correct building, theater, and seat; considering how to improve the pre-show/post-show experience; cross-promoting other performances outside of the cinema; and encouraging visitors to become members.


The team took two site visits, conducted user interviews, reviewed customers complaint logs, and compared them with additional desk research. 

The team found that patrons at BAM:
- Value the intimate, special, and unique space
- Tend to be connected to the local community
- Used google maps or landmarks for directions

However, the team also identified several pain points:
- Lack on information regarding policies
- Lack of information regarding film location, start times, and pre-show
- Difficulty in accessing film information
- Inconsistent food and film projection quality
- Inconsistent website technical function


The team felt that orientation was one of the more pressing problems and had greatest opportunity for improvement. The team decided to use physical and digital wayfinding consistently to touch on key moments of the user’s journey.

How Might We challenge framed by the team.

The Independent Moviegoer, the user archetype created by the team.

Touchpoints identified in the existing customer journey map for the pre-show experience.


These are the main interventions that will improve the pre-show experience by providing information at the time, in the right place:

Checkout and purchase confirmation. The team redesigned the existing view on the website by prioritizing the user needs and providing only the information needed at that moment.

Order details and important policy notifications are provided before payment. The team learned during research that some patrons were not aware of some policies such as "no children under the age of 6" admission until the movie date. Key information about the building location for the selected movie is provided on the confirmation screen to avoid confusion with the second building also owned by BAM Rose Cinemas.

Email receipt and ticket. The email was redesigned in hierarchical order to feed the user with relevant information needed to get to the theater.

The location of the theater is provided upfront with a direct link to the address on Google Maps. Below, a digital version of the ticket is shown including the movie title, showtime, QR code for entrance, and an image of the building for easier recognition at time of arrival. The receipt details are also attached at the bottom as well as a PDF version of the ticket.

Physical wayfinding. Signs are placed in strategic locations to guide customers on finding their seats and improve their experience of waiting for the movie to start.

Customer Journey Flow Map to understand where the points of confusions happen, and inform our solution.

Floor plans highlighting customer's points of confusion.

A directory sign would inform visitors right away where the theaters and restrooms are located. A digital clock would help customers manage their time (e.g. pop corn, restroom). The concession's menu is projected on the back wall.

A projection system is used for wayfinding to blend with the building architecture. This system would allow staff members to make quick changes to movie screenings showing at different cinemas, and to remove the cafe when it is not opened to the public on weekdays and avoid confusion.

Movie information will be projected at the end of the halls for customers to see from afar. Each door would also be properly labeled with the movie title.

A countdown with the movie showing would be added to every cinema in order to take away some of the anxiety and frustration that come from not knowing when the movie will start.

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