The Challenge
Create a brand identity for a Peruvian company that develops Alpaca fabrics and knitted garments.

The Outcome
A fashion brand that calls for living an extraordinary life in an ordinary reality.
Duration: 3 weeks
Role: Lead Designer (Concept Design)
Design Agency: Infinito
Creative Director: Alfredo Burga, Infinito
Collaborators: Franco Zegovia, Paola Vecco
Photo Credits: David Torres, Estudio 88/86
The Client
The client's goal  was to bring the beauty of different Peruvian places and landscapes to young people in age or spirit through the use of innovative designs and textures on their garments. The product combines the quality of natural fibers–such as alpaca, bamboo and cotton–with the advantages of other fibers technically developed to achieve a convenient and affordable solution.

The Big Idea
The concept for the brand identity was the idea of creating extraordinary moments by seeing reality with different eyes to find something special every day. The brand encourages customers to enjoy the simple things in life and discover the beauty of spontaneity.

Concept Traits
- Reflects daily life
- Urban, simple and modern
- Images are frame to emphasize the moment
- Flexible and dynamic
- It lives, adapts, and tags along

Shopping bags showcase the brand identity's flexibility

Logo integrated in catalog

An example for how a brand can be applied to a billboard

Sample pages from the Style Guide

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